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Quite an interesting article I think: They asked female gamers if they consider the new Cyberpunk 2077



Tim Colwill at asked twelve women, including myself, whether they thought the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer was sexist. While the opinions voiced are diverse and mostly thoughtful, I actually find response to the article itself to be far more interesting.

PC PowerPlay writer Meghann…

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - upcoming 3rd installment of the Witcher games. The ingame trailer looks seriously …. seriously impressive! And it’s supposed to be open world! I’m so exited to play this game. But the bad news: The release date was delayed to february 2015! But on the other hand: That means time enough to finish Dragon Age 3 (release fall 2014) first….


Try as I might, I can’t shake the feeling that 2014 is the year we lose the Web. The W3C push for DRM in all browsers is going to ensure that all interfaces built in HTML5 (which will be pretty much everything) will be opaque to users, and it will be illegal to report on security flaws in them…


"If an atom can be suspended indefinitely, well— why not an apple?"
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My favorite Skyrim glitch video: Weird flying sabertooth tiger!

This is one of my favorite Skyrim glitches - but maybe that’s because of the funny comments. The players suprise about the tigers strange behaviour was real - you can hear it ^_^ !!

"Kaguyahime no monogatari" (The Tale of Princess Kaguya)

New Studio Ghibli film by Isao Takahata (“Grave of the fireflies”)

Big news for anime lovers and Studio Ghibli fans: director, writer and producer Isao Takahata has released his first film for Studio Ghibli since about 15 years.

The new Takahata-film is, astonishingly, hand-drawn! Watch the trailer -  it looks sooooo beautiful! I simply cannot wait to see it. The film opened in Japan in November 2013. I hope the international release will follow soon.

The last feature length film Takahata directed for Ghibli was “Hokekyo tonari no Yamada-kun” (My neighbors the Yamadas), which was released 1999. His most famous film however maybe is “Hotaru no Haka” (Grave of the fireflies) (1988), a film that I still haven’t seen although I own the DVD, since everyone claims it to exeptionally sad.

In his new film Takahata tells the (apparently famous japanese fairytale) story about an old man bamboo seller, who one day finds a princess in a bamboo. The princess is only the size of a finger. Her name is Kaguya.


Spirited Away Ending Song 千と千尋 いつも何度でも

arranged and performed by Lonlonjp

One of the best guitar players on youtube and certainly my favorite by far: Lonlonjp, a japanese guitar player. Since many years he plays songs and pieces from anime and video game OSTs on acoustic guitar. I’d give a lot to play guitar like this, since he is simple jaw-dropping amazing! Note: He does the arrangements himself. Sometimes he plays in front of the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo.

This is his beautiful arrangement of the ending song from “Spirited Away” (by Studio Ghibli)

All the credit goes to the artist

Lonlonjp on Youtube

His Blog


Two of my favorite Skyrim OST songs performed flawlessly? Yes, please.

Beautiful rendition of the Skyrim title song by the talented violin player Jason Yang!


First reason why I love this man for his voice and his work.
Lindsey Stirling is also one of my favorite artists.


Noble of Alinorby BroderFisk

Nice drawing !!! :)
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Canvas  by  andbamnan